Non-Intrusive Railway Track Monitoring

MoniRail provides a solution for monitoring the condition and degradation of railway track from on-board ordinary railway vehicles operating in service.

Keep track of the state of railway infrastructure whilst railway services continue uninterrupted.

MoniRail provides monitoring systems for non-intrusive in-service railway condition monitoring. Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) are fitted to railway vehicles and used to produce accurate measurements of the railway track and vehicle on a continuous basis.

The MoniRail system can be used to collect data to monitor track geometry, ride comfort, and train condition and performance. A data analytics software platform converts data from the IMU into actionable condition information, allowing failures to be predicted, and allows for preventive maintenance by having a better understanding of the evolving condition of the assets.

The on-vehicle monitoring hardware relays recorded data to the cloud for analysis in near-real-time, meaning that the data available to view in the online portal is always up-to-date.

Find out more about MoniRail’s track and vehicle monitoring in this short video:

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